Monday, June 6, 2016

Poetry by Nurse Monique A. Shaw

Molestation, a sad plight
It's not enough to keep me up at night.

Projects, shelters, even evictions
Is that enough to make me lose my conviction?

The witness of a horrible stabbing,
Domestic abuse and a kidnapping.

She’s your mom! Yes, I know!
But the paperwork said she let me go!

All this before the age of ten
At what age will this tragedy end?

Brighter days must soon be near
Off to San Diego where the skies are clear.

Is it here that this will all end
Is my triumph about to begin?

No, not now I’ll have to wait
Let’s pile some more upon my plate.

ADDICTION! Why mom? Why did you choose
Drugs will surely make you lose.

Our home, our friends, our money, our things
You smoked them, you snorted and shot them up.

Walking the Downtown streets late at night
Nowhere to go, we spot a light.

Is that a sign? A vacancy?
Yale Hotel on F Street, our new home to be.

It is here where friends become family
And, of course, more tragedy.


Off we move and leave our friends
The family that stays with me through thick and thin.

Now, In-Home Nurses and medication
I’m only in Junior High School, I need a vacation.

The drugs, they’re just too strong
She can’t let go and continues to succumb.

Now three little letters turn into four
AIDS came tapping at my mother’s door.

DEATH! Two times in a one year span
First dad now mom, it’s too much man!

Junior High, High School and College is the future for me
Constantly holding a 3.0 to a 3.33.

Life has many twists and turns and crooked paths
As we often learn.

Love provides an interruption
But abandoning college was never my solution.

Marriage at age twenty and a new place to call home
Military life in Illinois is where I'll roam.

Also Virginia and Mississippi
The love is now gone, there’s nothing here for me.

Back to San Diego from where I came.
Time to pack up and start again.

Now a single mother, I must go back to school
Go back to the path which I always knew was cool.

A Medical Assistant I’ll quickly become
To make decent money to try and move on.

Child, work and school that’s my daily routine
Working hard to fulfill my lifelong dream.

Along comes the news I’ve patiently waited for
Two long years or maybe more.

Monique, you’ve made it, your name has come up
Are you ready for Nursing School? Of course, there’s a but.

But I’m pregnant with another child, over ten years later.
Its OK, we’ll see you next year but not any greater.

The year came and went quick as a flash
Nursing School is here, time to attend class.

The toughest two years I really must say
But I remember my past and what I endured many days.

I persevered and progressed and completed the program
And walked across the stage with my kids looking on.

And knew that although life sometimes seemed bleak
That this was the TRIUMPH I always did seek.

So you may ask, “Do you think this scholarship can help you live your dream?”

Yes in many ways, one can only imagine
Higher education is the goal and is my passion.

From RN to BSN this is now my desire
This scholarship will help me live my dreams and aspire.

Monique A. Shaw, R.N.
 Monique is a registered nurse in the Southern California area. She is currently working on her BSN while balancing the busy life of work and mom.

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